Decks & Balconies

Whether you are looking to install a new waterproof deck coating system or repair a damaged one, our team of specialists can assist. We install a variety of different deck coating systems in a fashion that ensures proper sloping, prevents weather damage, and preserves the structure’s integrity. We customize our service to suit our clients needs and will keep the aesthetics of your property intact. We specialize in waterproof coatings for plywood and concrete balconies, patios, stairs, walkways and more. We provide these services with the following methods:

why choose a protective coating?

Balcony, decks, and patios are constantly exposed to the elements. Over time water, sunlight and foot traffic can all cause damage and wear away at most surfaces. The best protection and cost effective solution is to add a protective floor coating. You may be asking, how does adding a new coating benefit you and your property? A fresh coating provides for a clean and safe surface to walk on, protects from leaks/water damage,  and adds a nice aesthetic to your property’s exterior. A deck is also an ideal space to enjoy the California weather. So if you are in need of a trusted deck coating specialist, let us be the professionals you call. We serve all of Orange County in everything deck, patio, and balcony related.


Add a new protective coating to your plywood and concrete surfaces. We install waterproof deck coating systems from various reputable manufacturers such as Pacific Polymers, PliDek, and Life Deck Specialty Coatings. A new protective coating is chosen by the client with the desired color and texture and can add a new aesthetic appeal to your home or property. Call us for an estimate.

General Deck Coating – Multi-step process


Install perimeter edge metal and deck to wall flashing.

Step 2

Install galvanized metal lath over plywood subflooring.

Step 3

Base coat application.

Step 4

Slurry coat application.

Step 5

Texture and decorative finish with top seal color coat.


With constant use and weathering, the traction on your deck surface can wear away overtime. Resurfacing describes when we add a fresh new layer of protective waterproof coating over your existing coating. If your deck surface looks worn and there is no need for a full repair or replacement, you may consider having a resurface done.

By resurfacing you also have the option to add a new color coat and texture giving your decks and balconies an entirely fresh new look. We start by prepping and cleaning the old surface. Then we fill cracks and add a new layer and properly ensure that the coating adheres to the surface. The result of resurfacing your deck is a strong surface that will last for years to come.

deck & Balcony repairs

Does your balcony leak water or pool in an area? Do you have cracks or warping issues? Is there visible rust on your flashing? Do you have soft spots on your deck surface?  Your deck may need a repair.

Generally, these common problems do not always require a complete overhaul and can be fixed while keeping the integrity of your existing deck intact. We carefully inspect each problem and will find the right solution that will work for you and your home. Call us for a free estimate.


“After 22 years, our deck was starting to show damage spots. Another company was giving me this huge estimate about having to redo the whole thing but Mitch told us that they can simply replace the damaged spots and just the seal the surface to cover the whole area. His estimates were extremely reasonable and the finished deck looks brand new! They were courteous, prompt, pleasant and left my property spotless. They take responsibility for their work and after care is excellent. Can't ask for anything more.”
Eriko K.
“We used MFK to turn our flat roof into a waterproof deck. I couldn’t be happier at the results- the company was knowledgeable, professional and the work was wonderful quality. And they cleaned up all their materials after perfectly. Love our new deck and highly satisfied with the work!”
Ally B.