It is important to keep your home waterproof to ensure the structure is tight, and energy efficient. Whether you need an emergency repair, patch work or full home servicing we’re available to work with you. We will take the time to go through options that work best for your situation and provide only the highest quality waterproofing services. MFK Construction has the experts that can assist in waterproofing your home with the following methods:

water damage and leak prevention

Is water seeping in from the seams of windows? Do you have floor warping issues, or water pooling around your deck or ceiling? MFK Construction and Maintenance can help. We take precautions to ensure there is proper drainage on your property. We install high-quality rust-resistant flashing, and drains, and will make sure that your home is waterproofed with the most up-to-date materials so it is free from leaks for years to come. Our team will effectively assess your water damage situation so that we can get to work making it all better, no matter the size or task.


"We had some water damage and had previously been working with construction companies recommended by our insurance and then I found MFK. Wow, what a difference!! Mitch was very responsive and even moved our whole project up 2 weeks, which is unheard of right now. The work looks great and we were kept up to date with emails and pictures, each step of the way. The project was wrapped up even faster than originally estimated and you cannot even tell there was ever any damage. Thank you, MFK!!"
Bethany S.
They waterproofed my balcony deck, lifted up my balcony sliding door cause mine originally was leveled with the deck which caused rain to leak below into my kitchen. Would recommend them and I will definitely use them again.
Hien N.