Exterior & Structural Wood Repairs

We are experts at the intricacies in properly installing and repairing wood. Whether you are trying to improve the exterior look of your property or need repair services to prevent and safeguard against further existing damage. MFK Construction can help. We offer services in fascia, trim, framing, fences, patio covers, and more.

Framing & Structural Wood Repairs

Your framing, beams, and joists are the structures that reinforce your home. A weak structure can threaten the strength of your property. It's difficult to tell whether or not a structural piece is damaged because most are covered by some form of siding, stucco, etc. However, if you notice stucco caving into the property or sagging then you may be dealing with structural damage. There are various reasons for wood damage but many times it is caused by improper waterproofing causing the wood underneath to become rotted. We can replace wood as well as reinforce the structure to make it stable again.

Fascia & Trim

If your current fascia or trim is in bad shape due to rotting or damage consider having it repaired by our specialists. Trim provides great waterproofing around the seams of doors and windows while fascia and gutters serve to direct water away from the roof and property. Both fascia and trim help protect against water intrusion, and when installed and waterproofed properly by a specialist, it can provide a finished appearance to the exterior of a home.

Fence Services

Fences offer great security to homes and act as a barrier. They receive the most damage from the outside in the form of water damage, warping due to leaning, and unintentional damage. In most cases, you do not need to demolish and install a whole new fence. Call us today to have one of our specialists take a look and offer repair solutions that work for you.

Patio Covers

Patio covers can degrade overtime with water and the sun’s rays. We can install specially treated wood to protect against water damage and provide paint coatings to your patio cover for upgraded protection.

"MFK gave me a detailed quote and availability timeline. Martin and his crew arrived on time (even early!) and completed the removal, replacement (including painting) of all the damaged fascia boards. This included the board that went alongside the top of the roof. They did not break any roof tiles and where needed, they removed the tiles and put the tiles back. They worked for 2 days on time and their cleanup every day was spotless - cleaner than before they started."
Nori P.
"I hired MFK Construction to do some exterior repair work on a rental home I own in Costa Mesa. They replaced trim and painted woodwork at my house. I cannot rate them highly enough. I will absolutely use them in the future for any and all maintenance and construction at my home. I am so thankful I found such honest, hardworking professionals to take care of my property."
Wendy R.
No matter how big or small the project, we are ready to help restore your property.
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